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Gorran Parish Council has appointed a Group of volunteers to create a Neighbourhood Development Plan for our area. The contents of the Plan will reflect the community’s views on how our Parish should develop into the future including the quantity, type and design of future housing or other buildings; preservation of open spaces & neighbourhood assets, among other issues.

Once accepted by Cornwall Council the contents of the Plan must, by law, be considered by them and, while it can neither insist upon nor forbid changes, it can significantly shape any infrastructure and planning decisions. A fundamental principle behind an NDP is that it reflects the opinions, wishes, ambitions and desires of the community as a whole. In order to develop the Plan its authors must engage fully with the community, conduct surveys to ascertain residents’ views and ideas and reflect those findings in the final version of the Plan.

Before any Plan can be finalised and submitted to the Council we are legally required to hold a local referendum to establish if the community wish to adopt the Plan if it is accepted by the Council.

Community members are welcome to come along to NDP Group meetings, which usually take place on the last Tuesday of the month. You can contact the NDP Steering Group by email at

For more information about Neighbourhood Planning, please refer to the Cornwall Council website:

The NDP Steering Group includes five thematic sub-groups

The NDP Steering Group oversees the preparation of the NDP

The NDP shopuld the opinions, wishes, ambitions & desires of the whole community

Meeting Minutes & Output from the NDP Steering Group

Neighbourhood Development Plan News

Community Consultations Undertaken To Date

Community Consultations Undertaken To Date

To date, four rounds of public consultations have been undertaken by the NDP Steering Group. In February 2020, two public meetings were held to identify the planning-related themes and issues that are of particular concern to residents in the parish. In late 2020 /...

Residents Questionnaire: April 2022

Residents Questionnaire: April 2022

Massive thanks to all those who completed the Residents Questionnaire. We had a great response - over 300 people filled in the questionnaire! Preliminary results were presented at the Public Meeting held on 12th May 2022. A full report of the survey results will be...

Housing Needs Survey Report

Housing Needs Survey Report

The NDP Steering Group commissioned the Affordable Housing Team at Cornwall Council to undertake a survey which took place in early 2020. All households in the parish were sent a letter inviting them to complete the online questionnaire or return a paper copy of the...