Structure And Membership Of The NDP Steering Group

The NDP Steering Group is co-chaired by Kate Longley and Fiona Gulliver and includes five thematic sub-groups which were identified through the first round of community consultations:

  1. Housing
  2. Services
  3. Local Economy, Employment & Transport
  4. Environment
  5. History & Heritage

The members of the NDP Steering Group are:

  • Catherine Coffee (Communications & Consultation Task Force)
  • Bob Digby (Local Economy, Employment & Transport sub-group)
  • Lisa Dunne (Environment sub-group)
  • Richard Enos (History & Heritage sub-group; Services sub-group)
  • Matthew Fox (Housing sub-group)
  • Fiona Gulliver (Co-Chair; Services sub-group)
  • Chris Lobb (History & Heritage sub-group)
  • Kate Longley (Co-Chair; Local Economy, Employment & Transport sub-group)
  • Barbara Miles (Secretary; Environment sub-group)
  • David Peacock (Assistant Secretary; History & Heritage sub-group)
  • Rob Sharman (Finance Officer)
  • Chris Trew (Housing sub-group)

Each of the sub-groups is responsible for compiling background information to elaborate the current situation and document the evidence relevant to their theme, and to propose future options that can form the focus of community consultations and potential inclusion in the NDP.

The NDP Steering Group also has two Task Forces: (i) the NDP Communications & Consultation Task Force includes representatives from each sub-group; (ii) The Plan Drafting Task Force liaises with each of the sub-groups to draft the Plan itself, including the necessary maps and illustrations.