Roseland Outdoor Education Centre Crowdfunder

August 01st 2022

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  1. Sheelah Goldsmith

    This outdoor ed. centre was run very successfully for 30 years by Cornwall Council, with children from Cornish Primary schools and Year 7 students, staying there for a week at a time, sailing and kyacking and canoeing in the St Just in Roseland creek and surrounding area , visiting Falmouth Maritime museum and walking in the beautiful countryside and bivouacking in near by woods. But underfunding of the Council forced Cornwall Council to close it offering first refusal to buy it to the local community, so , The Roseland Centre charity (. 1186095) was set up and gained grants to draw up a business plan, and architects’ plans to create a more versatile residential outdoor education centre , show piecing sustainability. The lockdowns snd Covid scuppered our initial fundraising but we now have crowdfunded £180,344 of the minimum £200,000 we need to purchase it since June 2022. We just need the last amount to save it from Cornwall Council putting it on the open mark for a much higher price, presumably, to be bought by developers and demolished for , unaffordable to locals , houses that will no doubt not be lived in for months of the year. We want to have it full of children learning water sports and learning to love the outdoors, having fun and an experience they will treasure for life, and also develop its potential to be a vibrant community hub with courses being run in a range of subjects for all ages. If you support outdoor education for young people and want to keep this attractive 1887 Board Schoolbuilding from being destroyed, please,? donate to our crowdfunder asap as we must have the funds in time to transfer the purchase price to Cornwall Council by 23/9/22. Thank you! www.


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