Gorran Preschool – Hoglets

At Gorran Preschool they have created a fun, stimulating, learning environment offering full and part time sessions for young children.

Gorran School

Gorran Primary School caters for children between the ages of 4 - 11. Gorran Preschool is within the school grounds, providing pre-school opportunities for younger children.

Years are split into four classes and assigned 2 teachers to provide the students with an exceptional level of attention and support during their schooling. Gorran school offers a rich & diverse curriculum, as well as a full programme of before & after-school activities.

The Roseland Community College

The Roseland academy caters for children between the ages of 11 - 16. With an exceptional creative arts department and and being smaller compared to other local Secondary schools, the Roseland academy offers a schooling experience that feels both tailored and suitable for all students.