Charges For The Use Of St Goran Parish Cemetery

(Effective 1st April 2024)

  • Purchase of Grave Space, including Deed of Ownership - £675
  • Purchase of a grave space in advance of Burial (includes fee of £20.00 to cover the purchase of a marker stone) - £695
  • Purchase of Cremation Plot, 600mm X 500mm Plaque for Cremation Plot - £270
  • Erection of Headstone or Memorial - £240
  • Administration Charges to cover paperwork in the event of a second burial or cremation in a purchased grave or the scattering of ashes - £240
  • Second inscription on a Headstone Charge - No Charge
  • Gravedigger including removal of excess soil - £510 / For ashes - £70
  • Treble fees for persons not resident in the Parish. In certain cases this will be waived e.g. an ex-parishioner, after years living in the Parish, has lived in a Residential Home or with relatives. In the case of an ex-parishioner who has not lived in the Parish for over 10 years the charge will be doubled. Undertakers who think this may apply should bring the details to the attention of the Clerk when making application for burial.

NOTE: The outright purchase of a grave space gives the right to a second internment without charge, save for the Administration Fee.

Applications for Burials etc. should be made to the Parish Clerk, Mrs Lesley Pothecary, Farleigh, Gorran, St Austell, Cornwall, PL26 6HW. Tel: 07888817809.
e-mail: clerk@stgoran-pc.gov.uk

In her absence try the Chairman, Mr P.Grose, Tel: 01726 843156
The Parish Council reminds undertakers that the Cemetery is maintained as a Lawn Cemetery. While cut flowers and wreaths are permitted the planting of shrubs or trees is subject to rules published separately. Relatives planting bulbs etc take the risk that the shooting flowers may be damaged when the grass is cut. Reasonable care will be taken to avoid this happening but no guarantees can be given or responsibility accepted.